How do you improve on what’s already the best movie theater sound experience in the state?  You bring in some of the best engineers in the industry!

In his pursuit for the ultimate viewing experience, Peter Edelmann, owner of the Essex Cinemas (home to the T-Rex Theater), had the opportunity to work with with some of the best sound engineers in the world and he jumped in with both feet.

“As they tested our setup, they found that the speakers behind the screen were overpowering the balance of the overall system and pointing in directions that tended to have a canceling effect or creating a lot of noise that did not result in a pure reproduction of the musical mix .”, said Edelmann.

After extensive balancing and testing the result is an incredibly clean sound played at the right volume level.  The sound is not only more powerful but allows nuances of the surround sound to really dramatize and distinguish the experience.
Come check out the all newly engineered sound experience at the T-Rex theater. If you thought it was the best in Vermont before, it is another level of magnitude better. You won’t believe your ears!

Stay “tuned” as there is more to come!